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Just a good song from my friend

Nothing happened, i have good mood but i listen to this song through whole day!

check it!

1 weeks ago

I want to try any other seamless wulford pantyhose. What are you suggestions on the model and color?  I  personally would like to try white or smoky shiny ones. 

3 weeks ago
Now Russia, St Petersburg...

I hope someday the world will get the smart enough leader to lead a fight against terrorists instead of making wars in uncovered mid east. 

We pray for...


3 weeks ago
77044-Sweden...-Jeny Smith
3 weeks ago
If you...

If you have any surfing troubles with my site then try to delete the cookies. It helps in almost all kind troubles!

3 weeks ago
76070-On Monday-Jeny Smith76070-On Monday-Jeny Smith76070-On Monday-Jeny Smith
On Monday

It still is cold in Moscow so i keep doing pantyhose vids. I'm pretty upset about the weather!!!  

I deadly want warm days!!!! 

1 months ago

I've added several videos, check it out!