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He was one of my idols in Political world

Russian ambassador to UN Vitaly Churkin dies day before turning 65

He was amazing in live debates in UN, i was proud to have such a guy to represent our country.

I'm deeply sorry for this loss...

6 days ago
My favorite video

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1 months ago
Check it!

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2 months ago
If i were...

If i would be rich... beside all the things about helping kids....

I would get a penthouse somewhere and made something like a club where girls should be bottomless or half naked. Not a swing club or strip club!!! A club where guys would come alone or with their ladies but ladies had to be ... as i said before!!!   

2 weeks ago

you will never guess what is going to be happen in the next video


1 months ago
68956-Tu 154-Jeny Smith
Tu 154
2 months ago