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5 days ago
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2 weeks ago

Hi my dear fans!

It's Christmas coming. Here in Russia we do celebrate it in January and it is really religion holiday for us. All the "Santa things" we have on new year's eve. 

I want to wish you merry Christmas. For lonely guys i wish to meet your own crazy sexy princess, and for those who are happy to have someone to bring your love through all the years And remember: to keep relationships crazy you need to be involved in sexy crazy adventures together!

Merry  Christmas! 


Thank you for being with me! There wouldn't be those videos if you didn't support me! A year and a half ago we just started trying to do videos for the first time in the life and today people say we do one of the best non porn videos. I hope will keep growing and we'll find a way to gain number of updates for each week and will bring more more quality stuff which WE do enjoy doing and YOU enjoy watching! 

Love you all,


4 weeks ago
70580-yes-Jeny Smith

you will never guess what is going to be happen in the next video


6 days ago
68956-Tu 154-Jeny Smith
Tu 154
3 weeks ago

I'm Sorry it happened again! 

The latest video Porto Vacations part 2 was banned by review team! 

Seems we missed something to blur off. 

Ok, Alex will be back tomorrow and fix it! 

I'm sorry for this issue! :o(

1 months ago