Welcome to Jeny Smith official web site!

Hi Guys! My name is Jeny Smith and i'm a little bit of an exhibitionist girl...

My style is hidden flashing. When only those who want to see can see me naked. 

My fetish is to wear tranparent clothes in public and act like there is nothing wrong with it. Also i am a little fan girl of seamless pantyhose.  

Come inside and you will find a lot of videos and photos of your Jeny Smith! 


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Some of the updates:
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Length: 24 min 58 sec
2 days ago
New Salesgirl - Fishnets
Length: 11 min 55 sec
2 days ago
Purple Coat
Length: 6 min 28 sec
2 days ago
selfie for you!
Length: 4 min 37 sec
2 days ago
St Petersburg. Non Nude!
Length: 4 min 17 sec
2 days ago
Notice me
Length: 7 min 47 sec
2 days ago
The Report
Length: 23 min 37 sec
2 days ago
Jeny Smith - naked in the city 2017
Length: 7 min 32 sec
2 days ago